Minggu, 09 Agustus 2015

Eight months of dating, Cameron Diaz - Benji Madden officially married

Some recent times, it has been rumored if Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden has plans to soon hold their wedding. Apparently, now the whole world can finally know if the couple is finally really become a married couple.
Cameron and Benji eventually release their single days on Monday (5/1). As reported by the Daily Mail, this sacred event itself was held at Cameron House is located in Beverly Hills. The ceremony was attended by the relatives and the people closest to the bride and groom.
The invited guests were present among them is Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie along with her husband, and many more. Curious as to what the situation venue events are in preparation?
In these portraits, you can clearly see what a great home atmosphere Cameron that turned into all-white wedding venue. Cameron Diaz Plastic surgery makes it more stunning. All preparations have been made since this morning for smooth event highly anticipated.
not just put up a large tent in white, apparently there is also a truck carrying thousands of white flowers to enhance the venue decoration. Surely this will be a very special moment, and will never be forgotten.
In a relationship for eight months apparently did not make Cameron and Benji linger to think about compatibility between them. Both ultimately decided to pronounce the sacred promise as two brides who are happy. Congrats for the wedding, Cameron & Benji.

Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2015

Kim Kardashian Caught in Section Nose Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who accused never do plastic surgery. Socialite recently were allegedly never make over his face, especially in the nose.
This accusation surfaced after photographs of old Kim Kardashian compared with recent photos. Reporting from Dailymail, photographs used as a comparison it was a picture of Kim in 2006 and a photo taken in 2013 have recently shown that Kim Kardashian
plastic surgery is  true.
When viewed at a glance, nose Kim did not seem different. But when observed closely, Kim nose look smaller this time than the nose in a photo last 7 years.
Is not known for sure whether the lover Kanye West is actually undergoing plastic surgery. But in the year 2010 ago, the mother of the child had asserted that he had never perform any operation. Kim admitted that he had just undergone botox face to beautify herself.

"I'm not totally against plastic surgery, I've tried Botox before. That's all I've ever done, "he said at the time. "I've never operated on my nose."
Although denied mempermak nose, Kim himself has admitted that he was tempted to perform plastic surgery. But eventually he canceled the intention of fear that his face will look different than before.

"I always wanted to operate on my nose," he said. "I went to the doctor, I photographed, and he (the doctor) shows what would happen later (after the surgery) and it does not look the same."

Sabtu, 28 Februari 2015

Paul McCartney is Rumored To Have Died

Paul McCartney is the bassist and vocalist of the legendary British band, The Beatles. He is a partner of John Lennon in creating hit songs of the band in the 60s. Paul McCartney who was born on June 18, 1942 turned out to be alleged to have died at the age of 28 years, and to this day still makes a big conspiracy.
Conspiracy:This The Beatles vocalist (Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery) is said to have died when he was 28 years old in a car accident. This event is exactly description in the song A Day in the Life, where John Lennon singing the lyrics of the song that seemed to illustrate that there is a young man who was reported to have died in a traffic accident and the people around him were surprised to see that event approached the car and saw a person on board were killed and his face was as someone who often they have seen before and was familiar to them.

 Apart than that, if we listen to another song titled The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever sung by John Lennon, we increasingly carry over into this conspiracy. Lyrics sung with a sentence beginning Let me take you down cause Im going to Strawberry Fields. And if we listen carefully to the end of the recording of the song, we will hear John Lennon deliberately say I buried Paul repeated-repeated with a strange intonation. When questioned, they say that John Lennon actually said Cranberry Sauce instead I buried Paul. I do not know, but whoever heard it certainly will admit that the pronunciation of Lennon in the song over to Paul while Sauce because of course be different when we heard the saying P with S.
Is the death of Paul McCartney's relation with the song lies only in the pronunciation of John Lennon in the last section? I said NO !! Follow fine. At the beginning of the lyrics, Lennon said Let me take you down cause Im going to Strawberry Fields. Who does he mean to you on that? And why the title Strawberry Fields Forever? Yes maybe I stupid in this analysis, and maybe I was too radical to be both of these and a variety of things above. But let us describe.

At the time of the making of this song, Paul McCartney is rumored to have died (Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery). In this song, Lennon seemed to say that he had been buried Paul McCartney. Where Lennon buried it? In Strawberry Fields, and Paul McCartney will be there forever (Strawberry Fields Forever).The Beatles certainly did not want the death of a member of a very important role in the band. Paul McCartney is said to have died in an accident, and those who saw the incident said that they never saw him before. The Bealtes hide his death by finding a replacement that is very similar to it and operated plastic him to look very similar and it is as if he is Paul McCartney. Another rumor said that the Beatles beard and sideburns them that plastic surgery is not known by the people out there. People who replaces Paul McCartney mentioned named Billy Shears as called for in the lyrics So let me introduce to you, the one and only Billy Shears Sgt song. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Paul McCartney is still alive today was suspected indeed been killed when they hear the songs of John Lennon which is addressed to Paul McCartney after the split of The Beatles, entitled How Do You Sleep.

Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

The Heirs Players Hold Reunion in the Premier Latest Film Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho's latest movie titled Gangnam Blues or Gangnam 1970 began airing in famous theaters in South Korea. The event which took place premiel Gangnam Blues last night, attended by Lee Min Ho - as the main actor - and other players, including Kim Rae Won.

Apparently the premiere of the latest film Lee Min Ho was also attended by famous faces from the world of entertainment in South Korea. Did not think the movie premiere event Reunion Gangnam Blues became the highest-rated drama starring The Heirs. The interesting is Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery.

In addition to Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye and Choi Jin Hyuk also seen comes event that took place in Seoul, South Korea. Their presence seems as a form of support for Kim Tan, the character played by Lee Min Ho in The Heirs.

Kim Woo Bin which serves as Choi Young-do, ferenemy Kim Tan in The Heirs, shows her charms in her sewater and black skinny jeans pants, quoted from KoreanHerald, Wednesday (01/21/2015).

Previously, Lee Min Ho revealed that he and Kim Woo Bin is still good friends. They also ought to send a short message to learn about an individual.

In addition, Park Shin Hye who became the lover of Lee Min Ho in The Heirs look beautiful with long black coat bandage. With a style that chick, Park Shin Hye wrap slender legs with matching leather pants, with white under ware.

In fact, Choi Jin Hyuk who acted as sister Kim Tan - Kim Tae Ho - also showed himself. Choi Jin Hyuk looks handsome with long coat, slacks, and a tie that adds to its charm.

Minggu, 04 Januari 2015

Botox injections

In a media, wendy williams plastic surgery there is the change of the celebrities who had any plastic surgery. one of them is Camoron Diaz. celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Younalso stated,“There’s something about Cameron Diaz’s face that is very unusual. Her forehead is excessively smooth, a possible consequence of overdone Botox injections. Her face also looks extremely shiny.” It was less than a month ago when formerly flat chested Cameron’s suddenly voluptuous figure sparked speculation that she had gotten breast implants.
It is not the first time that Diaz has had work done on her face. In 2006, she admitted to having a nose job but claimed it was for “medical purposes,” after she broke it in a surfing accident.She has always looked younger than her years. But Cameron Diaz appeared exceptionally youthful as she flitted from show to show during Paris Couture Fashion Week. But it appears she may have succumbed to a cosmetic procedure or two as she showed off a shiny new look. It has been suggested that the star may have had Botox or chemical peels to achieve her wrinkle-free look.Her face had a practically frozen, surprised sort of look. Cameron arrived at the Chanel show today in a tight white dress which clung to her trim frame and fell to her knees.New York plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber,“She’s showing fewer smile lines around her eyes. It's the kind of results that are the sort of thing a good eyelid surgery or Botox can produce."
Indeed, any cosmetics surgeries becomes the rumor for the actor and actress, especially for Hollywood starlets. Because their change of their performance will be attention for public.

Plastic surgery rumors

Plastic surgery rumors makes gwen stefani plastic surgery fans feeling adore. why not because her fans exactly knows about her beauty. She is not like having plastic surgery because she appears like having a natural beauty. She seems to have aged gracefully with the passage of time. The rumors that follows her are possibly anorexia or bulimia, started when she made an appearance on the red carpet in very revealing clothing. With an admitted sweet tooth, she has always worked on her figure diligently. Pictures dating over the last 20 years, of both body and face, do seem to reveal some variation in her weight.
This is normal for most women. Having been raised firmly upper class, she has always had the resources to maintain what nature gave her.
Calista Flockhart who got her first professional role in A Guiding Light in the early 1990s, actually is rumored because of her some photos. Unlike some other bad plastic surgery before and after pictures, such as Michael Jackson and Carrot Top, the evidence seems scant.  She certainly does not fall into the gwen stefani nose job category. There are some references about her vigilant exercise and stringent diet, as well as her own admission of prior struggles with anorexia. If she has had the surgery, the results are so subtle it is hard to be sure. There is one who said that Calista did her cheeks, since they look fake, but her lips, too. The speculations are that she did a lip augumentation and that her lips became more rounded and plump. People also spread rumors about her alleged rhinoplasty. Rumors began when some critics compared Calista’s before and after photos from a while back where they say it is noticeable that her nose now has a lowered and upturned tip.
            There is not regardness of calista about those operations. She lets the people make the argument about herself. Will she regard about herself or not becoming her rights and her decision. Whatever plastik surgery which have been done or not, just being known by her.

Butt Augmentation Procedures

Emily Procter is an American actress born on October 8, 1968 in North Carolina.Emily Procter appearance has changed over the years what you can see on her pictures before andafter cosmetic procedures. There have ever been the news about Emily who received a breast augmentation and a minor face plastic surgeries like lip and cheek implants and botoxinjections. The rumor mentioned that she seemsto have boob job, botox and filler injection like Restylane or Juvederm.

There are some photos showing the change of her face is caused by k michelle plastic surgery. She is like having a breast implants because her boobs does look bigger and have more volume especially in the top than it has done in the past. Plastic surgery on Procter can also be seen on her face. Her perfectly sleek forehead is likely the outcome of Botox. There is even a possibility that Emily Procter had a browlift and rhinoplasty. It also stated in most obviously to Makemeheal.com, Emily looks to have undergone a breast augmentation procedure. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer also says, “Emily Procter’s breasts do appear larger likely the result of a breast augmentation and k michelle but implants. And her perfectly smooth forehead is likely the result of Botox and k michele She may have used injectable dermal fillers to plump up her lips and her cheek areas.” It is added by Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “Emily Procter appears to have had Botox and facial fillers. There is a possibility she had a browlift, and there is a chance she had rhinoplasty performed at one point in her life.  She looks good, and would not benefit from any additional work at this time.” More over she looks having some plastic surgery, she remains looking natural.